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Meet the Founders


Founding Mother of the TKBA

Legendary Mother Vixen Santa Evita

For dancer and choreographer Irvin Washington, life and dance play hand in hand. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Irvin has worked with some of the industry’s very own including Janelle Monáe, Anjulie, Destiny’s Child, and Toronto’s Jully Black. 

More recently, Irvin could be found as a dancer and assistant choreographer on Season 1 of Canada’s Drag Race along with his ongoing role as Co-founder of the TKBA (Toronto Kiki Ballroom Alliance). 

Irvin’s talents within the Ballroom realm were also highlighted when he was featured as a Vogue performer in Fall For Dance North, one of the top international dance festivals.

Irvin has toured all the way from Canada to Europe for artists such as Black Eyes Peas, Alicia Keyes, Danny Fernandes, and Canadian Idol, Eva Avila.


His amazing passion and love for dance keep him continuously evolving and working harder every day to achieve his goals as he says “It’s my way of life”.


Founding Father of the TKBA

Legendary Twysted Siriano Miyake-Mugler

Twysted Miyake-Mugler is a house founder, house father, teacher, activist, advocate and emissary of Canadian ballroom. Founder of the Kiki House Of Siriano, and Canadian/Midwest Father of the Iconic New York-based House of Miyake-Mugler, he’s competed, walked, hosted and taught across North America throughout his voguing career stretching over a decade.


As a co-founder of the Toronto Kiki Ballroom Alliance,  he works towards introducing youth to ballroom culture in safe space, alcohol-free environments, including workshop nights at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Montréal’s Never Apart and the University of Ottawa. Other work includes his involvement with the Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention, disseminating information and building networks amongst QPOC people.


His presence in Toronto’s queer and Canadian ballroom scenes is foundational – the work of a true pioneer.

Written by: Mark Hamilton

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